Cornwall Marine Network

Cornwall is defined by the sea that surrounds it. We have a thriving marine sector in the region, including local organisations and businesses such as the Cornwall Marine Network, set up in 2002 to give identity to and improve the economic prosperity of businesses in the area’s world-class marine sector.

Cornwall Marine Network is a not-for-profit membership organisation jointly owned by 400 unique Cornish marine businesses. Their core mission is to support local businesses to grow and give the Cornish marine sector a collective voice and to help it compete at the highest level.

A new film, ‘Port of Falmouth: Blue and Green Technology leading Cornwall’s Coastal Revolution’, shines a spotlight on the sustainable blue and green revolution, something that Falmouth is getting increasingly well-known for.

The film captures maritime leisure and industry coexisting amidst Falmouth’s vibrant coastal setting, showcasing world-class businesses including A&P Falmouth, Falmouth Harbour Commission, Waves4Power, Cockwells, Workfloat, KML, Feritech Global, Tugdock, Rustler Yachts, Mylor Yacht Harbour and HydroWing.

Paul Wickes MBE, CEO of Cornwall Marine Network, commented:

“With the Port of Falmouth poised to become a prime hub for the floating offshore wind sector, this film marks an important moment in time. It’s our way of acknowledging what we’ve inherited from past generations – resources and knowledge which we are now driving forward into the UK’s international maritime future.”

Watch the film below, and visit Cornwall Marine Network for more information.

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