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Making waves: Cornish food & drink turning the tide

Cornwall’s food and drink sector is unique and unparalleled in its diveristy and range of fresh produce. A new brochure has been created ahead of the G7 Summit, showcasing how the region is turning the tide and leading the way in terms of prosperity and sustainability.

For many years, Cornwall’s food and drink sector has celebrated some of the best and freshest produce this country has to offer. For the G7 Summit, Cornwall Food & Drink have produced ‘Making Waves,’ a new brochure aimed at highlighting the sector and industry’s success over the years. You can read the full brochure below.

If you’d like more information on Cornish produce and how the food & drink industry plays a part in the success of the county, contact details are on the last page of the brochure and can also be found at:

G7 Food Brochure
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