The G7 Legacy

Behind the Postcard

Behind the Postcard is a unique collaboration of cultural partners. Producing a short film in response to Cornwall hosting the 2021 G7 Summit, the project involved hundreds of creative practitioners and community participants, and was funded by HM Government, Cornwall Council, Arts Council England and the National Heritage Lottery Fund.

Behind The Postcard tackled the key themes being discussed at G7. More than 30 writers were commissioned to produce work, of which 13 pieces contributed to the final script. All work will be published as part of the wider G7 Cultural programme.

You can watch the film below.

Producers Laura Giles, Emma Hogg and Helen Tiplady feel the finished product will speak to audiences at several levels:

“If you’re local we hope that there’s something in there that you recognise as your Cornwall and it feels authentic. For global audiences we genuinely hope they see a peek behind the postcard and not only learn something about our region but understand the talent that is based here. The last year has been incredibly tough for the creative, cultural and heritage sectors and this project has brought us all together to show the world that Cornwall is the UK’s leading rural creative economy.” 

Find out more about Screen Cornwall’s work and the Behind the Postcard Project here.

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