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From Catch to Customer

Cornwall based Drift have published a fascinating article on the journey of Cornish fish from catching them to being placed on customer’s plates, focussing on W Stevenson, one of Britain’s largest privately owned fishing fleets. Find out more below.

“W Stevenson has been in the fishing industry for over 100 years. Now owned by parent company, Ocean Fish, sustainability lies at the heart of the entire operation. Its fishing fleet of sardine ring netters operates mainly from Newlyn, returning their catch to its market daily. Having control of their own fleet of boats, a fish market, an on-site fish monger, as well as wholesale and on-line retail sales, allows for control over the whole journey of the fish. With such vast diversity in the Cornish fishing industry – there can be up to 35 different species landed on the local markets on any given day – Stevenson and Ocean Fish work closely with local, regional, national, and international scientific and management organisations, ensuring they are always at the leading edge of sustainable fishing practices.”

Read more and find out about what the fishing industry in Cornwall is doing to safgeguard its future in the Drift article here:



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