Rodda's Secures B Corp Status

The famous Cornish clotted cream manufacturer Rodda’s is the latest company in Cornwall to secure B Corp status. In this post, we share more information about what it means to be a B Corp company in our county.

Scorrier-based Rodda’s have been certified by B Lab, who are an organisation behind the B Corp movement. B Lab are a not-for-profit network making business a force for change and a force for good in our world. Its aims are to build better communities, look after the world we live in, create sustainable ecological change and establish new, mindful working practices that take into account our impact on the planet.

To become a B Corp, there is a long certification and acknowledgement programme that covers a huge range of topics.

Each company holds a profile on the B Labs website and is provided with a score based on environmental impact, customers, governance, community and more. You can view Rodda’s listing here:

What is B Corp Status?

As a third-party accreditation, the B Corp symbol is now a trusted mark of a truly ethical, sustainable business. The thorough assessment programme means each process is tested against strict criteria and is a sign to the whole business and community that each B Corp company is striving to make the right choices in growth and development.

We’ll let Rodda’s tell you more about their new B Corp status in their own words below.

For more information, read Rodda’s B Corp blog post on how they became certified.

Looking to get creative in the kitchen? They’ve also got a fantastic clotted cream recipe page with suggestions on everything from cakes to cocktails and main dishes.

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