Grown at Newquay Orchard

A new, completely seasonal veg box is launching as part of Newquay Orchard. A new initiative, it looks to put consumers and eaters in direct contact with growers – read on to find out how to be a part of it!

We don’t need to be told that we need to recalibrate our relationship to the produce and the food we eat. Grown by Newquay Orchard is a fantastic new community initiative and one that looks to set this relationship on the right course. By joining Grown, you will be joining a community supported agriculture (CSA) project, which means the community works towards the harvest and shares in the harvest. Not only is that good for us and the environment, it’s also great for our mental health, the health of our community and our social health.

Growing on a 2-acre plot, Grown has big hopes to scale up to 4 acres within 4 years, providing the local community with freshest, community grown, tastiest vegetables possible. Reducing food miles in an imperative objective, so three different pick up points will be located at Newquay Orchard, St Columb and Ruthvoes.

Pricing from their website can be seen below:

To find out more, be part of this great scheme or get in touch with Newquay Orchard, click the link below!

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