Cornwall's digital sector

Cornwall plays host to a growing and fast-paced digital sector. From creative educational establishments such as Falmouth University to world-leading digital agencies, Cornwall offers a diverse digital ecosystem and a creative cluster that’s paving the way for today’s innovative businesses to continue to break new ground in the industry.

With a blend of fantastic living conditions, flexible working through high-speed fibre-optic broadband services and a mix of creative talent in the county, Cornwall’s digital sector is thriving. Digital resources, educational tools and resources can be found at Cornwall Trade and Investment’s Digital and Creative hub.  Continued annual growth in startups in the region over the past couple of years is an example of the region’s breadth and wealth of entrepreneurs, self-starters and digital leaders. See here for more information about living, working and setting up your digital business in Cornwall.

The county has also recently invested in creative hubs and workspaces. Unique office and work spaces are peppered across Cornwall – often making use of the stunning natural beauty and landscape on offer.

Falmouth University continues to lead the way when it comes to education and expansion in the digital sector. The university’s Games Academy is one of the leaders in this field –  teams from Falmouth have won funding from the UK’s Transfuzer programme four years in a row. Part of Cornwall’s growing and exciting digital tech cluster, some of the games made on the course can be viewed here. Using ‘serious games’ to transform heritage and tourism sectors is another area the university and the region excels – the wAVE project combines future technologies with Cornwall’s rich cultural history to transform the heritage sector and drive economic diversification in coastal communities.  They’re using immersive experiences to help museum visitors of all ages ‘journey backward through time’, to experience Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly’s dramatic and vivid past.

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