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Cycling in Cornwall

With miles of open lanes, a plethora of public routes and bridleways and unparalleled opportunities for scenic trails to be ridden across the county, Cornwall’s landscape provides the perfect backdrop to cycle across some diverse, historic, challenging geography.

Cycle routes created from old railway lines, such as the beautiful Camel Trail from Bodmin to Padstow, are well-worn favourites with both locals and visitors. The Coast to Coast Route and the popular Great Flat Lode Route offer riders an opportunity to delve deeper into Cornwall’s mining heritage – getting ‘under the skin’ of the area and riding through rural communities. There is arguably no better way to see true Cornwall than from two-wheels. For more information on the range of cycle routes in Cornwall, see Visit Cornwall’s 10 Cycle Trails to Try article.

Additionally, a new initiative from Cycling UK this year is the West Cornwall Way, a new long-distance cycling route created off-road for riders to enjoy from September. The aim of the way is to uncover a quieter, less-trodden path through famous, historic sites, utilising bridleways and cooperating with landowners to ensure adventurous cyclists are provided with the perfect conditions in which to enjoy the beautiful west Cornwall landscape.

Some highlights of the route can be viewed in the image below. The hope is that the route will provide something a little different and offer even regular visitors to the county an opportunity to see the geographic wonders and the unique culture from a different point of view.

Visit for more information on this new initiative:

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