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Cornwall's Creative Manifesto

The Culture and Creative Economy team at Cornwall Council is pleased to present Cornwall’s Creative Manifesto. Read it here, or visit the links below to find out more.

This manifesto, drawn up to cover 2021-2025, provides the Council of Cornwall to shine a light on the amazing and creative sectors. It also shares the ambitions, actions and priorities that will help shape the region’s cultural future and strategise the next half a decade.

Future collaboration and investment is key to further support, strengthen and support this key sector. As we’ve seen from our articles on the Hall for Cornwall, the TV and Screen industry and The Penzance Creative Cluster, the creative and cultural sector in Cornwall is thriving and will continue to go from strength to strength with extra help and attention. With this manifesto, Cornwall Council look to put the region on the global stage culturally.

“Mounts Bay, Cornwall” by Tony Armstrong-Sly is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

The manifesto also aspires to give clarity to the role of the Culture and Creative Economy team – so do read on to learn more about their involvements, interests and where their focus will lie.┬áMore than 160 creatives joined in the engagement phase for the manifesto and it was run independently by the Hall for Cornwall.

Read more below, and to view on the Cornwall Council website, click here.

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